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  • SMD LED T8 Tube
  • SMD LED T8 Tube
  • SMD LED T8 Tube
  • SMD LED T8 Tube
  • SMD LED T8 Tube
  • SMD LED T8 Tube
  • Minimum: 25pcs
  • Delivery: 7-9days
  • Model: HYH-T8-S204
  • Country: China
  • BrandName: Huayihui
  • Package: 25pcs/box
  • Payment: L/C, D/P, T/T
  • Price: FOB, CIF
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Product Information

Specifiaction of LED Tubes       



LED T8/T10 Tubes/tube light Advantages:

  • 1. our  t8 led tube has various colors for customers to choose. It can be available in various in single color or RGB color.
  • 2.We have the R&D department to support and can supply the products according to your design and requirements.
  • 3.Energy saving ,saving 50% than the traditional lights at the same brightness.
  • 4.Inner high efficiency(95%)heat protection system, with the latest high efficiency and constant currency driver, making the products can work under unstable voltage.
  • 5.Professional circuit design, each LED can work separately, thus it can avoid the influence caused by a broken single LED.
  • 6.Anti-electric wave,no RF interference.
  • Detailed features:
    1. There is no harsh glare, directly replacement for Traditional Fluorescent T8.
    2. Integrated thermal management system.
    3. Longlife time more than 50, 000 hours under normal use, especially for office lighting.
    4. Optimized light extraction system delivery high lumens.
    5. No RF interference, Lead free.
    6. Long lifetime - LED feature, reasonable driving, no effect from switch on/off.
    7. Green environment, without any harmful materials listed in RoHS.
    8. No need maintenance, long life of LEDs, no trouble of replace parts of narmal fluorescent tube.
    9. No flash, AC driving, stable light, protect eyes.
    10. Good color vision, color temperature can be adjusted from 3000K to 13000K.
    11. Easy mounting, can be mounted directly.
    12. No need accessories, no need traditional driving and reflector parts.
    13. Not easy broken, all materials from inner light sources and outer cases are hard materials, such as Epoxy, ABS, PC,
    14. No electromagnetism interference, no high power switch and inductance parts, no environment electromagnetism pollution.
    15. High power complication, no transformer, without additional power consumption.CE&ROHS&PSE so the quality is superior .
  • Application:
  • 1. Instead of the indoors ceiling light
    2. Factories, Offices,School,Universities,Hosptial
    3. Conference,Meeting room,Show Room
    4. Commercial Complexes
    5. Super-markets
    6. Residential,Institution building
  • Installation
  •  The same size tube can be installed on to the corresponding lamp holder directly before taking
  • down fluorescent lamp starter.
  • 1. Our t8 led tube can be directly installed into T8 or T10 bracket(take down fluorescent lamp starter);
  • 2. LED tube light apply to inductive light holder.  Electronic ballast fluorescent tube can’t be replaced directly,should take down electronic ballast.

About Us:
Huayihui Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd (Hoi Yuen Technology (HK) Company) is a manufacturing enterprise with R&D of LED products in the optoelectronic lighting series.
Our company has independently developed LED Commercial lighting series of products, such as LED strip, LED flood, T5, T8 fluorescent tubes, high power bulbs, lamps, ceiling lamps, LED down lights, LED spotlights and other industrial and commercial lighting products; The lights are made of high thermal conductivity aluminum shell, high transmittance, good fireproof PC material.
The housings of our LED tube apply good aluminum alloy of high heat conductivity and PC cover of high transmittance. The light source adopts SMD LED which is packaged by imported chips. It's energy-saving, bright, no glare, no strobe flash, large viewing angle, high CRI, low light decay, full color temperature, and no heat radiation. The LED tube light has long service life, and can be an alternative to family lights. It saves 60% of electricity than that of traditional lights. All of our products have high-efficiency energy saving, long life, high performance safety factor; with CE, ROHS, FCC certification. At the time, our company successfully passed the ISO 9001:2009 quality management system certifications.
Welcome all of you to join us for our mutual business future. Look forward to cooperating with you.
Customer Testimonials:
These LED tubes are warm white and do what they are designed to do. Yes indeed, and customers are very satisfied with the output of the tube. There is no harsh glare, and can directly replace the traditional fluorescent T8, but the led tube is just more energy-efficient! Same output, less expense, that’s why customers do their wise choice—buy the led tube instead of the traditional T8. The tube captures more and more customers here, and I am going to source more from you, and will consider more models.
----Romeo, Italy
The light is very compact and bright. The design is decent and LEDs are properly lighted as warm light. Additionally, they are appropriately priced that lower than the local ones or the equivalents out there, but function the same, or even outperform them. As your LED tubes are popular here, why would I turn down another chance to do deals with you?
----Eser, Turkey
If you are interested in our LED tubes, please feel free to contact us!


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