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3528 SMD T8 Tube

3528 SMD T8 Tube
3528 SMD T8 Tube
  • 3528 SMD T8 Tube
  • 3528 SMD T8 Tube
  • 3528 SMD T8 Tube
  • 3528 SMD T8 Tube
  • 3528 SMD T8 Tube
  • 3528 SMD T8 Tube
  • Minimum: 25pcs
  • Delivery: 7-9days
  • Model: HYH-T8-S288
  • Country: China
  • BrandName: Huayihui
  • Package: 25pcs/carton
  • Payment: L/C, D/P, T/T
  • Price: FOB, CIF
  • Inquire Online

Product Information

Specification  of led tubes

Item Led Qty Power Luminous Flux CRI Power Factor Dimension Lamp Holder Input Voltage
HYH-T8/0.6-LDP144H9 144pcs 9±1w 900lm±10% >75Ra >0.95 597*26mm G13 AC85-265V
HYH-T8/0.6-LDP180H13 180pcs 13±1w 1200lm±10% >75Ra >0.95 897*26mm G13  AC85-265V 
HYH-T8/1.2-LDP288H20 288pcs 20±1w 1900lm10% >75Ra  >0.95  1197*26mm G13  AC85-265V 
HYH-T8/1.5-LDP360H25 360pcs 25±1w 2400lm±10% >75Ra  >0.95  1497*26mm G13  AC85-265V 
HYH-T8/1.8-LDP420H28 420pcs 28±1w 2700lm±10% >75Ra  >0.95  1763*26mm G13  AC85-265V 
HYH-T8/2.4-LDP480H32 480pcs 32±1w 3100lm±10% >75Ra  >0.95  2397*26mm G13  AC85-265V 
Details of led tube, T8 led tube

   Features.T8 TUBE/LED T8 TUBE

1. There is No harsh glare, directly replacement for Traditional Fluorescent T8.

2. Integrated thermal management system.

3. Longlife time more than 50, 000 hours under narmal use, especially for office


4. Optimized light extraction system delivery high lumens.

5. No RF interference, Lead free.

6. Long lifetime - LED feature, reasonable driving, no effect from switch


7. Green environment, without any harmful materials listed in RoHS.

8. No need maintenance, long life of LEDs, no trouble of replace parts of narmal

fluorescent tube.

9. No flash, AC driving, stable light, protect eyes.

10. Good color vision, color temperature can be adjusted from 3000K to 7500K

11. Easy mounting, can be mounted directly.

12. No need accessories, no need traditional driving and reflector parts.

13. Not easy broken, all materials from inner light sources and outer cases are

hard materials, such as Epoxy, ABS, PC,

14. No electromagnetism interference, no high power switch and inductance parts,

no environment electromagnetism pollution.

15. High power complication, no transformer, without additional power

consumption.CE&ROHS EMC LVD Approved.so

the quality is superior .




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