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Working with us makes OEM* (Original Equipment Manufacturer) available to business enterprises large and small. Unlike some offshore trading companies, we do not only deal with large production runs. Teaming with us means you can take advantage of the special service of OEM even if you are not a huge corporation.

We will engage designers who can create a product working from your own design from the ground up. When you are happy with your pattern we will arrange to have a sample made and shipped to you for your inspection. Once all necessary modifications are made your product will be manufactured to your specifications.

Your merchandize can be shipped complete with your own label, brand, bar code or price tags. This facilitates accurate product identification and stock management in you warehouse. You can dispatch the goods through your distribution centre without handling each item saving you time and cost.

If you are a wholesaler, retailer, inventor or entrepreneur you can take advantage of OEM services. All you need to do is supply either a physical sample, a drawing or a picture and we will arrange for your idea to become a reality.

Think about how powerful that can be for you as a business owner or entrepreneur. This gives you the opportunity to have your own designs created and sold under your own label or brand. We can arrange all printing for labels and packaging if required.

We can provide you with a complete service from product development to your own website showcasing your products and selling to the world.

Do you have an idea or design you have been thinking about, but just don't know where to start contact us and we will initiate your idea today.

*OEM is an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacture: The exact meaning is a company that sells things made from components bought in bulk from another manufacturer, however it has become the term used to refer to manufacture under your own label or brand.

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