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LED interior lighting of Japan in 2012 will reach 10.3 billion yen


LED interior lighting of Japan in 2012 will reach 10.3 billion yen
Japanese market research company “Fuji Keiza” announced the survey results of energy needs of the Japanese economy's office buildings and commercial facilities. Among them, remarkable energy-saving equipment "PackageAirConditioner" and "LED Lighting"  are examples to predict trends. LED lighting sources to be used in indoor facilities such as shops and office lighting market are expected to reach 10.3 billion yen till year 2012, increase 186.1 percent compared with 2009 forecast of 3.6 billion yen.

Implemented in April 2010 in Japan, "Energy Conservation Law amended", the objects of the energy management change from operations (factory) to enterprises, require business agency must also conduct energy-saving management. As a result, a large number of small-scale setting franchise chain stores, the headquarters has duty to report of energy savings of shops on the basis of the management of all the stores.Therefore, when these enterprises strengthen energy conservation efforts, meanwhile actively developing energy-saving equipment will also provide energy conservation services.

From the beginning of 2008, large commercial facilities and convenience stores increased use of LED lighting, the market is developing smoothly. As the LED lighting can emit high direct light, so it is expected to use in the next round light (Downlight), the spotlight and so on in the future, sales will be significantly expanded.

In ther side other energy-saving equipment, it is expected that the market of cabinet air conditioners will increase 14.3% of 296 billion yen in 2012 than the forecast of 2009, the market of turbo refrigerator will increase  61.7% of 9.7 billion yen year on year, commercial water heater market  increase of 69.7% of reach 56 billion yen.

The survey is implemented based on 28

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