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How to maintenance the LED light


LED strip light in production will inevitably produce bad, and for the LED lamp with a defective product maintenance is a thing needing to pay special attention to. Because leds with easily because of improper operation during maintenance, and cause the LED strip light with scrap.

1. The anti-static
Because LEDs are static sensitive components, if you don't do a good anti-static measures when repairing leds, will burn out the LED, wasteful. Here the need to pay attention to is the iron must use antistatic soldering pen, at the same time maintenance personnel also have to be made anti-static measures (such as wear electrostatic ring and anti-static gloves, etc.).

2. Continue high temperature
LED strip lights with two important part of the LED and FPC, are not continuous high temperature resistant products. FPC if continued high temperature or exceed the bearing temperature, makes the FPC cladding foaming, directly cause the LED with scrap. At the same time, the LED can't continuous high temperature tolerance, under high temperature and time is long, the chip will be high temperature burn out. Therefore, maintenance of waterproof LED strips light when adopted by the soldering iron must use solder iron temperature control, the temperature limit in a range, literally change and set is prohibited. In addition, even so, still need to pay attention to in maintenance iron don't stay in LED feet longer than 10 seconds, if more than this time, it is likely to burn out the LED chip.

3. The short circuit
A lot of LED lights manufacturers with bad cause have short circuit of foot and before the maintenance must find out the real reason. Otherwise, rushed to replace the bad LED, when energized again will continue to cause the LED chip, short circuit current breakdown. So, before replacing new LED, must first find out the real reason for bad, suit the remedy to the case can get twice the result with half the effort.

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