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LED bulb brief introduction


LED lighting is mainly given priority to with high power white LED single lamp. Led lighting lamps and lanterns is generally referred to as the led lamps and lanterns, along with the further maturity of led technology, led lighting lamps and lanterns in the bedroom will be more and better development of design development. Bedroom lamps and lanterns of the 21st century will be designed with LED light bulb design for the mainstream, and fully embody the energy saving, health, art and human development trend of lighting, the bedroom lights culture has become the dominant.

Traditional incandescent lamp (tungsten lamp), high energy consumption, short service life, under the circumstances of global resources nervous, has gradually be governments it is prohibited to produce, then substitute products is electronic energy-saving lamps, electronic energy-saving lamp is more energy saving effect, but due to use a lot of environmental pollution by heavy metals, and contrary to the trend of environmental protection. With the high-speed development of LED technology LED lighting is becoming a new type of green illumination of choice. In LED luminous principle, energy-saving, environmental protection level are much better than traditional lighting products.

Because incandescent lamp and electronic energy-saving lamps in People's Daily use still occupies a very high proportion, in order to reduce the waste, led lighting manufacturers must develop in accordance with the existing interface and habits of the people are using the LED lighting products, make people don't need to replace the original traditional lamps and lanterns pedestal and lines can be used under the condition of a new generation of LED lighting products. So the LED bulb light was born.

LED bulb light used the existing way of interface, the screw (E26 / E27 / E14, etc.), pin (B22, etc.), and even to accord with the habits of people to imitate the appearance of the incandescent light bulb. Based on LED light-emitting principle of unipolarity, designers did change in the lamps and lanterns of the structure make the LED bulb light distribution curve of the basic point source of convergence with incandescent bulbs.

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