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Applications and development of LED light


LED lighting applications in the past was given priority to the architectural landscape lighting, such as path light, the floodlight, step lights, balcony lamp, etc., accounting for 43% of the whole LED light manufacturer market in the 2008, but growth has emerged in this field slow, the future of the emerging growth area, outdoor applications is that the LED street lamp, its growth potential should not be ignored, as the global street lamp installation lamp that number has reached 180 million, and China, the United States and other countries more active adoption of this type of street lamp.

Application in indoor lighting, fastest-growing retail displays the future growth will remain above 50% in 3 years. As for the highly anticipated that occupy the home lighting, for home lighting the use time of one day on average about 4.3 hours, save electricity characteristics can create benefit is limited due to lack of time, can only look forward to the LED light bulb/lamp luminous efficiency improved and cost is falling fast and guiding light bulb/lamps and lanterns, can spread to the general family.

Performance characteristics:
1. LED lighting use the fourth generation of green environmental protection, high power white LED solid-state light source, high luminous efficiency, long service life of 100000 hours, can achieve long-term free maintenance; Humanized product design, customers can choose according to different lighting places that meet the needs of working voltage;
2. Wide voltage design, use more convenient;
3. Using LED anti-dazzle lampshade make the light more soft, no glare, won't cause homework personnel eyes of fatigue, improve work efficiency; Good electromagnetic compatibility of power supply will not cause pollution;
4. Shell uses the lightweight alloy material, wear resistance and corrosion, waterproof and dustproof;
5. Transparent rubber parts adopt imported bulletproof material, high light transmittance, impact resistant performance is good, can make the normal work of the lamps and lanterns in various harsh environment.

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