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Classification of LED waterproof Strip


Article waterproof LED soft light and LED waterproof soft lamp, the shape of the product is like a soft belt, has strong flexibility, folding and bending, surface have small power distribution of LED strips light bead, can send lighting a replacement of traditional light, therefore it called the LED soft light bar. According to customer's demand, it can be all sorts of color of light, such as red, green and blue, and by the light of the three colors of all, soft colors, bright can be used for pure lighting or decoration.

waterproof LED strips

Classification of LED soft light bar

According to the waterproof hierarchies
According to the divided into: grade of waterproof LED lights, point glue waterproof LED soft light strip (waterproof level IP55) half casing waterproof LED strips (waterproof grade IP65), the whole casing waterproof LED soft light strip (waterproof level IP68), in which the whole casing is divided into pure whole waterproof casing set into the article LED lights, silica gel into the article LED lights waterproof glue waterproof effect is superior to pure whole article casing waterproof lamp.

Material is divided into according to use waterproof glue, epoxy resin adhesive and silicone. In appearance and glow. Perfusion article silicone waterproof led strip lights light intensity is bigger, and feel comfortable also take into account the concept of environmental protection. But he has a flexible less brittle. Comparison most now or choose epoxy resin adhesive, he has good flexibility and cost relatively cheap, so widely used.

According to the overall class chip and lamp bead amount
LED soft light of the current common lamp beads are 3528, 5050, according to the number of lights per meter can be divided into: 30 common specifications such as lamp, lamp of 48, 60 lamp, of which 3528 (single 0.06 W) due to its smaller power can do 120 largest lamp/m.

According to the article flexible lamp circuit board width
LED circuit board width 5 mm, 8 mm, 12 mm to 15 mm to 10 mm.

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